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November 18, 2020

Join the Digital Nomad Revolution

You have probably joined the Digital Nomad revolution, without even knowing it.

Although the term has been around for more than 20 years, the concept is only now gaining in significant popularity. A “Digital Nomad” is a person who has the freedom to work from wherever they choose. This favourable working lifestyle was typically adopted by people in the technology and design industries, and typically by people who liked to experience the adventures the world has to offer, while also being able to work and afford them.

COVID19 came and shook things up like a Jean-Claude van Damme roundhouse kick to the face. All of a sudden, people were forced to work from home, companies had to adapt to remote working conditions, creating infrastructure and policies to allow it. As for those stuck at home, we all upgraded internet connections, created quiet spots, and figured out how to get a work / life balance going with everything meshed together.

This has shown us that many other professions can work from remote locations, in fact just about anyone who works from a computer can. This has opened up a whole new world of opportunity.

The DIGITAL NOMAD lifestyle opportunity.

Whether you realise it or not, you have already probably joined this elite group of adventure seeking travel/work lifestyle people. People are finding they can break up their mundane daily routines with hikes, dog walks, beach visits and coffee shop caffeine fixes. In fact, some people are feeling more successful at life because of it. 

And why not? My former life was spent working in a space that largely resembled a Marxist ideal for a communist world order. I am all for the Digital Nomad revolution and suppressing those memories of corporate office blocks and prison cubicles, into those far recesses of the consciousness where they can battle with other past trauma issues to manifest into some weird social awkwardness.

Finally you don’t have to deal with that annoying ‘Chad’ and his ego from sales, or ‘Karen’’ that office rules Nazi who beats you with the “Code of Conduct” like a Catholic school nun. (no actual reference to anyone called Chad or Karen).

In fact, here is a bird, actually, here are two, being flipped at both of you, while I sit and work from anywhere I damn well choose. Spending time on a surfboard, or in a mountain, or at an artisanal coffee shop founded by a bearded man called ‘Bruce’ in his parents garage. (doesn’t really exist, but if it did, I would like to have the choice to spend time working from there). To me it sounds far more appealing than spending time in an office canteen painted a slightly more depressing shade of ‘hospital’.

I now live and work in Muizenberg, Cape Town. While not entirely “nomadic” anymore, I have found a place that offers an ideal space for the Digital Nomads lifestyle. It has all the key elements to foster creative thought, inspire new ideas, have epic adventures, connect with a diverse community and most importantly… high speed internet. 

While this may sound obvious, Cape Town has only recently been the benefactor of a high speed fibre roll out, and this makes a huge difference.

Muizenberg Beach Huts

Even now, I have my coffee orders at Hang Ten cafe and watching surfers getting ready for an epic surf day.

COVID19 has made us realise we need to spend more time loving the spaces we choose to live and work in, and spending the precious time we have with the people we want around us and not the fictitious Chad’s and Karens of the world.

I have spent my time curating a portfolio of properties (under the MUiSTAYS and Whale Watchers brands) that offer people the opportunity to really explore their inner Digital Nomad. If you are going to be working from home, then make your home anywhere! And keep exploring, having adventures and jumping from one place to the next, until you have experienced the entire world.

We have also started launching our own series of experiences. These are curated encounters with locals, who have a passion for what they offer to the world, and give you an opportunity to experience that. These sorts of things will become more frequent as people start to realise that they are not bound by space, or by time for that matter. Once you start exercising your inner nomadic nature, the world becomes your space, and your time once again becomes your time!

The Digital Nomad revolution has begun, the only question now is how willing you are to embrace it.

A view south along the “Sunrise Coast” of False Bay on the Cape’s South Peninsula. Muizenberg to Simon’s Town.

For information on what we are curating or offering in this little place we call The South, drop us a message and we will be in touch.

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